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shave the vagina safely

Vagina shaving should be performed safely as it is a very sensitive area. Any mistake could lead to extensive bleeding. It takes a lot of carefulness to do vagina shaving. The vagina becomes ultra sensitive, just before, during and after the menstrual cycle. So the vagina shaving should be done after the periods.

A lot of women believe that the pubic hairs protect the vagina from bacteria as well as friction. But there is also a belief that the pubic hair actually breeds bacteria, which is the reason behind the unpleasant vaginal odors. Also if the pubic hair shaving is regularly practiced, then there is no possibility of friction.

Females get injured while shaving the vagina. Vagina shaving can be done while standing in the tub or taking a shower with one leg up, with taking support of something not slippery. A toilet seat is a good option. On a toilet seat, it is easy to reach all the vagina area and it makes the shaving very easy. Vagina shaving involves shaving the pubic hairs around the vagina and the stray hairs inside the edge of the major labia lips.

Women who practice vagina shaving say that it makes them feel not only fresher and cleaner, but also more attractive. Another best thing of vagina shaving is that the hairs do not get caught in the panties. Women say vagina shaving gives more sensual and attractive look. Vagina shaving increases the sexual pleasure. Men find women more attractive if hairs are not down there. It is often complaint about the men that it is really unpleasant to get the pubic hairs into the mouth.

Actually, a smooth vaginal area with no single hair increases the sensitivity in a woman and responsiveness in a man.
Shaving should be done in the direction the hair growth. It should begin with the lower part of the vagina. Both the sides should be done first and then the front.

The skin of the vagina should not be given too much pressure. Also repeated strokes should be avoided. These actions only irritate the skin.

For the major labia lips, the skin should be pulled and flatten tautly in one hand while using the razor across with the other. This part of the vagina is the most sensitive, so proper care should be taken while shaving.

Vagina should be washed with warm water to remove any remaining lubricant. Then again with cold water, the vagina should be rinsed off. This closes the pores and calms the irritation.

When the hairs are removed in large amount, the shaving should be done against the way the hair grows. This gives a close and clean shave.
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Vagina the Right Size and Does Size Matter

The Brits studied the vulvas and vaginas of premenopausal women and compared them. You may wonder why I mentioned vaginas and vulvas separately. While most women think of their vaginas and vulvas as a complete package; not so in medical circles. They look at the vagina as more of a penis receptacle and birth canal and the vulva is considered a doorway and pleasure center. If they only knew.

In this British study at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital, in London, they measured everything about the vulva: the size of the clitoris; the size and location of the urethra; the size, color, texture and thickness of the labia; the location in relation to your anus. You get the idea. In another study they took measurements of the vaginas of 39 women.

Here is what they found: “women vary widely in genital dimensions.” Or in other words everybody is different and variety is normal. They did find that genital dimensions tend to mirror body type: the bigger a woman is and the taller she is the more likely she is to have a slightly larger vagina. A bigger role in vaginal size was age and the number of times a woman had given birth. The doctors found the length of the vagina varied between 2 ¾ inches and 5 ¾ inches while the width was between just under 2 inches to 2 ½ inches.

Another factor even more important for vagina size than a woman’s body type, age and number of child births are the strength and size of the vagina muscles or pelvic floor. Women with poor pelvic muscle development have vagina muscles as small as a ½ inch thick, while women with healthy and strong vaginas have muscles 2 inches thick or more.

While a woman can’t change the appearance and location of her vagina she can control the tightness, strength and health of her vagina through proper pelvic exercise. While Kegel exercises are a good place to start, for a woman to properly exercise her vagina muscles and get the maximum benefits (not only a tight vagina but better orgasms too) she needs to use a pelvic exerciser.

Women have a great advantage over men in this regard. While it is possible for man to make his penis larger, the process is painful and takes months. For a woman who uses a pelvic exerciser she can tighten herself up in just a few weeks and the process is easy and enjoyable.
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Vagina Health & Smell

The vagina, similar to our mouth, is normally inhabited by a multitude of microscopic organisms.

The vagina's acidic environment prevents one species overpowering another, and inhibits infection. A healthy vagina actually smells quite sweet and pleasant.

Yet the change that occurs with any vaginal infection changes the smell immediately, and thus one can partially judge a vagina's state of health by its smell.

It should be noted that both the smell of a vagina and its being infected are directly related to a woman's lifestyle, her weight, and diet.

Some basic rules on Feminine Hygiene can both prevent infections and insure a sweet smelling vagina as well.


Because infectious agents such as bacteria and yeasts are found in the intestine, after defecation a woman must wipe herself from front to back vaginal area first, rectum after.

A bidet or immediate wash of the anus is also advised, with a rinse of the vulva with warm water.

Washing also the genital area often with a special ph balanced soap is also essential, and especially after each urination

Vaginal irrigation is not necessary as it usually disturbs the acid environment, and can allow yeast, for example, to flourish.

Women should discourage vaginal and anal intercourse alternation during he same session.

Once a man's penis or any object has entered the anus, it must not be allowed back in the vagina without disinfection.


Tight jeans and clothing look great, but they prevent the normal breathing function of the skin and especially an area like the vulva. This closed in effect will produce an unpleasant smell

For the same reason, woman is recommended not to wear panties during sleep.

Use of synthetic materials in clothing will also react with the bacteria on the skin, and the bacteria's waste product leaves a particularly unpleasant smell, so wear only 100% pure cotton or silk panties a majority of the time.

If you use tampons, change them very often. Left too long in a vagina, the tampon itself will be a major cause of order and even infection.


It has been shown that diet can affect directly the smell of the vagina. Eating less meat and meat products, and more fruit and vegetables have a very good effect on vaginal odor. Also, you must drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Sexual Conduct

The use of prophylactics (condoms) is highly recommended for all couples except those that are very familiar. Also if you allow a man to insert either his fingers or toys into your vagina, try to insure both are clean.

Vaginal Infections

This subject is covered in other articles dedicated to this subject, but any of the below can (and does) cause unpleasant vagina odor. In each and every incidence, you must see your gynecologist.

Bacterial Vaginosis.

This gives the characteristic fishy smell.

Yeast Infections.

Most women do not see their doctor with yeast infection, and resort to over-the-counter medicines. Symptoms include vulvar itching, redness and irritation. Painful intercourse. We recommend seeing a gynecologist.


This is a sexually transmitted illness with symptoms including vaginal itching, burning, and discharge. See your gynologist.

A bit of care goes a long way. Your vagina was meant to smell sweetly and as it normally cleans itself (both monthly and daily) your caution will be rewarded.
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